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You are suffering from a lot of seemingly unrelated symptoms and to this point no one doctor has been able to give you solid answers. They throw different prescriptions at you and/or tell you it’s all in your head. You KNOW that there’s something going on and there MUST be a way to fix it. 

You’re Right! There is! 

You aren’t crazy. You aren’t stuck feeling like crap forever. You now have a team who will find the root cause of your chronic health conditions, give you a treatment plan that will work, and very soon you’ll have your life back.

How We Work

Consolidated & Comprehensive Care

You no longer need to go to 3 or more different specialists. Our medical team are experts in chronic disease and are able to help you all in one place.

Integrative Treatment Protocol

What works for one person may not work for another. Our treatment protocols use a blend of pharmaceutical, botanical and lifestyle therapies so you feel better, faster.

Personalized Nutritions Plans

Nutrition is the foundation of health. When nutritional needs are met, your treatment protocol will work better and more quickly. Our plans make YOUR life easier.

Other doctors don’t take the whole person into account. We do

When my first was born we were told he would die during his childhood from a diagnosis we later found out he did not have. Without this experience, I honestly wouldn’t fight so hard for you.

If I hadn’t experienced the other end of countless doctors/specialists, lab work-ups, imaging, tests, more tests, and procedures. Each specialist could not see beyond their limited focus, doctors we’d seen for years still didn’t know his name, and the conveyer belt of medicine just kept going while we lost time, money and energy to dead-ends and “we have nothing left to offer” answers. 

No one should have to experience this, and now you don’t have to. 

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Over 23 years experience in chronic disease

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